Hiking in the Faroe islands

Easy hikes in the Faroe islands

The Faroe islands are a hiker’s paradise. There are a lot of spectacular hikes to choose from, but not all of them are suitable with children. Some of them are not even recommended without a guide. The following 6 hikes are relatively easy, great to do with kids and are all utterly spectacular. We’ve hiked them ourselves, so we think they are suitable for children, and relatively fit adults:-). We skipped a few popular ones that are worth mentioning, like Mykines and Enniberg. These hikes are probably also very suitable for kids, but the hiking conditions were not right when we were there, so we didn’t try them out.

A few things to keep in mind when hiking in the Faroe islands:

  • Be prepared for changeable weather and windy conditions. The weather can change very quickly, as we found out the hard way. We had to take shelter on the mountain because of a very sudden en very severe hail storm. It was pretty scary.
  • Bring rain gear, food and water. And bring a telephone.
  • Close all gates that you have opened.
  • Sometimes there’s no path, and it can be really soggy. Wear proper hiking boots, even in summer. Your shoes will get soaked and dirty. And the mud can be slippery and smelly (sheep dung).
  • Beware of the cliffs! They are not protected in any way. Don’t get too close to the edge.