A great hiking destination is Hvíthamar, just above the little village of Funningur on Eysturoy island. The hike will give you a magnificent view of Funningsfjørður.

Difficulty: easy to moderate, when the weather is nice. When we were there it was hard! It was very windy and way too stormy to take pictures.
Length and duration: around 1,5 km one way, around 1-1,5 hours in total. The hike is fairly steep. Once on top you can explore the ridgeline. Go back down the same way you came.
Costs: none
Starting point and parking: The hike starts from the highest point on the mountain pass between the two villages Funningur and Gjógv. There is a parking lot for a couple of cars here 3 kilometres before you reach Gjógv. It’s just after the S-curve in the road. You’ll have to drive about 1 km more until you see a fence at the eastern side of the road. This is where you will start your hike. Follow the fence here up to Hvíthamar.