Kallur Lighthouse – Kalsoy

The hike to Kallur lighthouse on the island of kalsoy is an iconic hike. It is a must-see location in the Faroe Islands. To start this hike you will have to take the ferry from Klaksvík to Kalsoy. When you arrive at Kalsoy, you will take the beautiful drive to the end of the island towards Trøllanes. The hike to Kallur Lighthouse starts in the small village of Trøllanes. It takes approximately 1 hour one way to hike from the village to the lighthouse. It’s an easy pretty straightforward hike about 2,5 kilometers one way, on fairly flat but boggy terrain. It can be muddy and slippery. Hiking poles can be handy.

At first the hike is fairly unassuming, but once you get to the lighhouse you will see why this is such an iconic hike. It’s such a spectacular place! Some parts of the paths around the lighthouse were a bit too exciting for me, but overall it’s pretty safe (when the weather cooperates). Be really really careful though when it’s rainy, foggy or windy. These cliffs are dangerous!

Difficulty: easy, some parts near the lighthouse and the cliffs are moderate.
Lenth and duration: around 5 kilometer in total, we spent around 3 hours on this hike.
Costs: none, except the fee for the ferry
Starting point and parking: In summer you will have to plan carefully, the small ferry will fill up very fast. Getting on the ferry is not an easy task. My advice is to get in line at least an hour before the first ferry. Take a look at the English timetable to see the ferry times from Klaksvik to Kalsoy. On Kalsoy you can park in the village Trøllanes. There’s ample parking space and it’s free of charge.