The hike to Klakkur is a very spectacular short hike near the town of Klaksvik on Borðoy island. Views from the summit of this relatively small mountain ridge are magnificent and jaw-dropping from every angle. Although the hike is relatively short it’s very much worth it.

The easiest way to start the hike is to drive on the gravel road – also known as The Love Path – up the mountain, all the way up to the parking place near a small lake at the mountain pass of Halsur. The last part of this gravel road is pretty steep and might not be suitable for all 2 wheel drives. We were there in the beginning of March and had to park the car half way, since the last part of the gravel road was still covered with snow.

From the car park you walk towards a small lake. Near the lake there will be a couple of gates, you’ll go through these and from there on the hike is pretty straightforward. Be sure to close all the gates. From there on you just go up a steady incline until you get to the base of a hill. From there on you will reach a long ridge. From the ridge the view is truly magnificent. When the weather is fine you can see 4 different islands and you will have a bird’s eye view on the town of Klaksvik.

Difficulty: easy to moderate, some parts near the top are moderate.
Length and duration: around 3 kilometers in total, we spent around 1,5 hours on this hike.
Costs: none
Starting point and parking: Parking is at the mountain pass of Halsur or on the gravel road. At the top there’s parking space for approximately 10 cars and it’s free of charge. If you don’t have a 4 wheel drive you might want to park on the gravel road. This will add about 1 km to your hike.