Dolomiti Palaronda light

Dolomiti Palaronda Trek light in Italy – 4 days

Level: T2, with some parts T3
Period: End June – mid September

The Dolomiti Palaronda Trek is a multi-day hike on the Pale di San Martino, with an overnight accommodation in three different huts. The Pale di San Martino plateau is a mysterious stone plateau set at 2600 meters altitude. The hut hike starts and ends in San Martino di Castrozza. With a few adjustments as mentioned below this trail is suitable for kids with a bit of mountain experience.

Hiking times mentioned below are adjusted to hiking with kids.

Day 1:  Take the gondola from San Martino di Castrozza to Altopiano delle Pale (Stazione Funivia di Rosetta). Climb the Cima della Rosetta and hike on to Rifugio Rosetta (2581 m) – 1,7 km, 1:30,  140 m, 180 m

Day 2: Hike from Rifugio Rosetta via the Passo Pradidali Basso to Rifugio Pradidali (2278 m)- 10 km, 6:00  450 m,  750 m. You can skip the climb to the Cime la Fradusta, making this an easier day – 6 km, 3:00,  150 m, 465 m.

Day 3: Hike from Rifugio Pradidali to Rifugio Treviso (1631 m) at the foot of the Cima Lastei – 9 km, 6:00,  430 m,  1000 m

Day 4: Day 4: From Rifugio Treviso to bus stop Val Canali – 4,5 km,  130 m, ↓ 550 m. From here you can take the bus to Fiera di Primiero and take another bus to San Martino di Castrozzo. The original route is from Rifugio Treviso back to Rifugio Rosetta, but this is 7 hours of net walking time and and ascend of more than 1300 meters. You might want to skip this one with kids.