Around the Sulzfluh

Around the Sulzfluh

Level: T2, with some parts T3
Period: End June – mid September

Five-day hut hike around the Sulzfluh in the Montafon. The Sulzfluh is a mountain in the Rätikon range of the Alps, located on the border between Austria and Switzerland. This hike is listed in our travel blog.

Hiking times mentioned below are adjusted to hiking with kids.

Day 1: Gondola from Latschau to Golmerbahn Bergstation (1890 m) – hike to Lindauerhütte (1744 m) – 5,2 km, 2:00, ↑ 120 m, ↓ 260 m, level: T1/2. Easy hike on a beautiful mountain trail.

Day 2: Lindauer Hütte to Tilisunahütte (2211 m) – 5 km, 4:00, ↑ 810 m, ↓ 330 m, level: T2/3. A challenging hike that starts with a descent followed by a steep ascent of 800 meters. The last part of the ascent – the Birkengrat – is a bit difficult for people with fear of heights. The first 50 meters have cables, but after that there is a steep part of about 100 meters without cables. Stijn was having a hard time here. The children and I found it quite manageable.

Day 3: Extra night in the Tilisunahütte. Hike to the top of the Sulzfluh (2.818 m) – 4:00 – 650 m ↓ en ↑ T2/3. This is a beautiful hike on high altitude terrain, on lunar landscape. The final part to the top is very icy and steep, we skipped this part.

Day 4: From the Tilisunahütte across the Swiss border to the Carschinahütte (2236 m) – 6,4 km, 4:00, 400 m ↓ en ↑, level: T2/3.

Day 5: From the Carschinahütte (Switzerland) to the Lindauer Hütte (Austria) and on to middle station Golmerbahn – 12 km, 5:30, ↑ 500 m, ↓ 1200 m, level: T2/3. It’s a small climb from the Carschinahütte to the Drusentor. At this point you will have a magnificent view. From here it’s steep downhill to the Lindauerhütte. The first part of the descent is tricky, with lot’s of loose stones.
From the Lindauer Hütte you will have several options. You can hike to the top station, middle station and ground level station of the Golmerbahn.

Good to know:
– Drinking water is available in both huts.
– Lunch packets can be pre-ordered (the night before) in both huts (€5 – €7,50 pp).
– In the Lindauerhütte you can pay by card, the Tilisunahütte and Carschinahütte are cash only.
– In the Lindauerhütte there is no Wi-Fi and no mobile phone coverage. The Tilisunahütte has Wi-Fi. The Carschinahütte has no Wi-Fi, but there’s 4G.
– Swimming is possible at the Tilisunasee and Partnunsee (nice and cold!)
– In Latschau there is ample parking space ate the gondola (Golmerbahn) – free of charge.