Hut hiking with kids

Welcome to hut hiking with kids!

We have built this site for enthusiastic hikers with ‘smallish’ children who want to go on serious hiking trips, but don’t know were to start. During the preparations of our own hut hikes, we found out that it took a good amount of thinking and surfing the web to find hikes that are suitable for our relatively inexperienced young mountain goats, and the old goats who want to guide them safely through the mountains. What can children handle? What can we handle? When does it get too scary, too steep or too tiring? How much does it cost to spend the night in a mountain hut?
We decided to put all the knowledge we’ve gained in the last couple of years into an informative site.

If we can do this, you can do this!

If you are in doubt if a hut hike is possible for your family, we would like to say the following to you: if we can do this, you can do this! We are definitely not the most athletic or well-trained people in the world. On the contrary, we may well be the most unfit amateur mountaineers in the world. At least one of us suffers from vertigo. And the other one dislikes sports in general. We just think that with a good deal of preparation you can handle a lot more than you think.

So here we are, handing you some information about multi-day hut hikes with kids, most of them high up in the Alps. Free of charge, but with a small disclaimer of course. We are just ordinary hikers, no mountain guides. Always recheck all the information before you head into the mountains. And always ALWAYS get your preparations in order before you start hiking. Don’t just go on a whim, always take food, water, cash, proper shoes and gear, and a telephone. And always check the hiking levels and weather forecast. You don’t mess around with the mountains!