Above the Königssee

Above the Königssee – 3 days

Level: T1 – T3
Period: End June – mid September

Three day hike from Schönau am Königssee in Germany in National park Berchtesgaden. You will cross over into Austria on the first night. This hike is high up in the mountains above the Königssee. Schönau am Königssee is a very touristic town, basically all car park and a line of tourist all the way to the boats. But if you take the gondola you get rid of nearly all the tourists. The mountain area above the Königssee is truly amazing.

This hike is listed in our travel blog. Hiking times mentioned below are adjusted to hiking with kids.

Day 1: Park your car at the Jennerbahn carpark in Schönau am Königssee in Germany. Take the gondola to Jennerbahn middle station or top station and hike to Carl-von-Stahl-Haus (1736 m) in Austria. Level T1/T2
From middle station Jennerbahn: 5 km, 2:00, ↑ 570 m, ↓ 50 m.
From top station Jennerbahn: 2 km, 1:00, ↑ 140 m, ↓ 80 m.

Day 2: Hike back the same way or hike on to Gotzenalm (1685 m) – 9 km, 4:30 ↑ 520 m, ↓ 550 m, level T2.

Day 3: Hike back to middle station Jennerbahn – 9 km, 4:00, ↑ 200 m, ↓ 700 m. Take the gondola back to the car park. Level T2.
You have several options from Gotzenalm. You can also take a steep path straight down to Kessel at the Königssee (level T2/T3) – 8 km, 3:00,  1050 m. From Kessel you can take the boat back to Schönau or to other places on the Königssee, such as Saletalm. You can also hike directly from Gotzenalm to Saletalm or Wasseralm, but these are both steep paths – at least level T3.