Lauterbrunnen to Kandersteg

From Lauterbrunnen to Kandersteg in Switzerland – 6 days

Level: T2/T3
Period: End June – mid September

Hiking times mentioned below are adjusted to hiking with kids. This is not a hut hike for beginners, especially the parts to the last two huts are tough. An easier version is the 3 huts around Mürren hike.

Day 1: Take the gondola from Lauterbrunnen to Grutschalp.
Option 1 (with a gondola ride): Hike from Grutschalp to Isenfluh – 4,7 km, 1:45,  190 m,  405 m – level T2. Then take the gondola from Isenfluh to Sulwald Stübli and hike on to the Lobhornhütte (1955m) – 2,9 km, 2:00,  450 m  60 m – level T2. Sulwald Stübli is a very nice place to have lunch.
Option 2: Hike from Grutschalp via Flöschwald and Kübodmen to the Lobhornhütte (1955m) – 6,9 km, 4:00,  770 m,  310 m – level T2.

Day 2: Hike from the Lobhornhütte to Grutschalp, via Kübodmen and Flöschwald – 6,9 km, 3:30,  310 m,  770 m – level T2. The trainstation in Gütschalp has a very nice cafetria to have lunch. You can also charge your devices in this cafeteria.
In Grutschalp take the scenic train to Mürren. Walk through the town of Mürren and take the gondola to Birg (2684). Walk down to the Schilthornhütte (2432 m) – 3 km, 1:00,  270 m,  50 m – Level T2.

Day 3: Hike from the Schilthornhütte hike to the Rotstockhütte (2040m) – 7 km, 3:00,  300 m,  700 m – level T2/T3. If you are afraid of heights, the downhill part from the sadle below Birg might be a bit sketchy.

Alternative for day 3: Hike back to station Birg. Take the gondola to Piz Gloria (2973 m). Take the gondola back to Birg and hike to the Rotstockhütte (2040m) – 7 km, 3:30,  350 m,  750 m – level T2/T3. It is also possible to desend from Piz Gloria, but this is a level T3/T4 hike.

Day 4: Rotstockhütte (2040m) to the Gspaltenhornhütte (2455m) – 6,6 km, 5:30,  950 m,  560 m – via the Sefinafurgga (2612m) – level T3, with some ladders and cables at the Sefinafurgga – level T3.

Day 5: Gspaltenhornhütte (2455m) to the Blümlisalphütte (2834 m) – 7 km, 6:00,  1000 m,  600 m – level T3.

Day 6: Descend from the Blümlisalphütte (2834 m) to bergstation Oeschinensee (1682m) – 7,6 km, 4:00,  1250 m,  100 m – level T2/T3 . Take the gondola down to Kandersteg and take the train back to Lauterbrunnen (2 hours).

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