To the Bächlitalhütte

Bächlitalhütte in Gutannen, Switzerland – 2 days

Level: T2
Period: End June – mid September

Not a multi-day hike, but this one is so beautiful it deserves to be in the spotlight. Hiking times mentioned below are adjusted to hiking with kids.

Day 1: from Räterichtsbodensee (1.767 m) to the Bächlitalhütte (2328 m) – 4:00, 5 km, ↑ 600 m T2. On day 2 return the same way (in approx. 3 hours).
A beautiful and scenically diverse route from a reservoir. You will ascend 400 meters quite steeply, then walk relatively flat next to a beautiful glacier river. After a small stretch of climbing you will reach the Bächlisboden, a spectacular large plain with a glacier river. High up on the hill you can already see the Bächlitalhütte, which you will reach after 200 meters of steep ascent. The climbing is not technically difficult, but is quite tough. The descent was a real attack on our not yet well trained legs.

Good to know:
– There’s no drinking water at the hut, so bring your own or pay the price. Drinking water is €12 per 1,5 liter bottle at the Bachlitalhütte.
– Cash only.
– No Wi-Fi and no cellular reach.
– Parking at the Räterichsbodensee is possible, but difficult. There is limited parking space along the busy road, so don’t arrive at the middle of the day in summer.